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  • Textured Hombre

    Good day to you! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was longer than normal because I traveled to visit my best friend in Texas but even four days wasn't enough time with her. 

    So after wearing the last mani I posted for the trip I decided to paint an hombre mani with two Liquid Sand shades by O.P.I. One is new and the other you can find on a post from a while back on Instagram. I used a different method for this hombre than I normally do because of the texture but it still created the same look. 

    So what do ya think? :) I like the textured look a lot and it was a simple mani too so it's a less time consuming way to achieve a unique look. I think these two polishes compliment each other well too even though they also contrast. 

    I hope you have a good Sunday night and a good start to the week tomorrow whatever you head out to do. Thanks for stopping by!


    O.P.I. - Make Him Mine

    O.PI. - Alcatraz...Rocks