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  • Below Zero

    So...I hope no one else is as cold as Colorado Springs has been the past few days. I think it actually reached 9 degrees today not to mention the below zero temps overnight. Brrrrr..... It sure does make me grateful for my warm little home.

    This simple review is what I painted last night after a couple sad failures for a different mani I had in mind. Perhaps this weekend will be more successful. :) This is the lovely Dahlia from the original Zoya PixiDust collection which was only the beginning of the amazing PixiDust polishes. 

    I just love the PixiDust collections! I have the full original collection and then several from each after that. They apply best for me without a base coat and of course no top coat as to not ruin the matte glitter and textured effect. I always use two coats for these polishes being sure to let the first dry because if not I've noticed the second coat can pull up the first a bit. Otherwise I love the application of these polishes and it allows for so much control that I literally have no clean-up around the cuticles. Fabulous! 

    Stay warm everyone! Thank you for visiting today.


    Zoya - Dahlia