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  • Tibetan Nights

    Hi there! Yay, we're past the middle of the week already! My last couple days have been quite long with a lot going on at work. How has your week been so far? Thankfully, there's always nail polish to help me chill out. Here is the very first Cirque Polish I bought a couple years ago and one of my all time favorite polishes.

    This Polish is a fabulous jelly-cobalt with super fine silver glitter in bars and hexagonal shapes. This is two coats with a Bundle Monster stamping image on just a couple nails. I love it and have actually had it on my nails now for three days which nearly never happens for me. :)

    I hope you have a fabulous Thursday and I'll see you soon!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Cirque - Tibetan Nights

    Essie - No Place Like Chrome

    Bundle Monster Plate - 311

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat