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  • Enchanted March & April

    Hey there! How are you today? I have two new polishes to show you so get ready for lots of pics! These Enchanted Polishes are difficult to come by so these two are only my second and third bottles. This whole calendar year they're releasing a mystery bottle each month that you can pre-order in only a 30 minute timeframe. They released March and April the same day and they just arrived. Let's take a look!

    I wasn't surprised to see that March 2014 turned out to be green but I was surprised at how much I love it! I'm rarely drawn to green but almost anything that's a holo polish will win me over and this one certainly did. I used two coats then stamped a fun new Pueen image over it for kicks. I can't describe how beautiful this shade is. It complete dazzles!

    While March 2014's mystery color didn't surprise me, April 2014 did. It's a pleasant surprise to be sure. This is a muted periwinkle cream with just the right amount of holo magic in it. It applies thicker in formula than March 2014 because of its cream base but still a lovely two-coater and just fantastic! I also stamped a new Pueen image over it. Wonderful!

    I hope you like these two manis. I of course plan on ordering all of the 2014 mystery polishes (though I'm super disappointed because I missed January­čś×) so stay tuned for more enchantment!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - March 2014

    Pueen Stamping Plate - 50

    Enchanted Polish - April 2014

    Pueen Stamping Plate - 51

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat