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    Hello, hello again! Here we are, Thursday. I'm actually pretty excited because I have a four-day weekend so technically, this was my Friday at work! :) I'll be heading out for a date with my wonderful man soon but I wanted to post this for all to see more of the brilliance of A England.

    I've had these three colors for a while and have used them often but never together. I stamped the lightening bolts and taped off the points for the other nails. That look was inspired by an all time favorite, Pshiiit Polish. She's always inspiring.

    I hope you like it! And have a great night.


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    A England - Fonteyn

    A England - Bridal Veil

    A England - Lady of the Lake

    Bundle Monster Plate - 305

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat