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  • Dirty Diana

    Hello there. I hope you're well today. I recently ordered another beautiful holo polish from Colors by Llarowe. I used it for the manicure in my last post but I couldn't get enough of it so I had to use it again.

    It's an amazing shade that reminds me of a favorite color by Llarowe called Unorthodox Annie though this one is lighter and more raspberry. I have a comparison photo below. (Left to right: Unorthodox Annie, Dirty Diana)

    Here's the beautiful Dirty Diana. It's so beautiful and has awesome holo affects. 

    I added a stamped design in a complimenting holo from the one and only A England. I know I'm partial but I really love the result! 

    I hope you have a great day! See you soon...


    Colors by Llarowe - Dirty Diana

    A England - Fonteyn 

    Pueen Stamping Plate - 61

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat