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  • Cirque Gradient Water Marble

    Hi there, it's nice to have you visit my little corner of the blog world. I hope you're doing well today; we're almost to the weekend! I was inspired by one of THE BEST nail blog artists in the world, Pshiiit, for this mani. I hadn't ever thought about using clear nail polish as part of water marbling but leave it to Camille to come up with the fabulous idea and execute it brilliantly!

    I started with an hombre mani from two Cirque, Kontiki Collection, polishes and then water marbled black and clear over top. I just LOVE this idea! It could be used over any color or color combo. It's also pretty simple compared to most water marbling. Have you ever tried water marble? I had an easier time as a beginner with water marble than with stamping but I think I'm not as drawn to it because it is quite a messy process.

    I hope you have a lovely evening and I hope to see you soon!


    Cirque - Midsummer Night

    Cirque - Thicker thank Water

    Essie - Liccorice

    O.P.I. - Top Coat

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast top Coat