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  • Cirque | Boudoir & Trocadero

    Hello, hello...do I have a couple beauties to show you today! Cirque has released a fall collection of four colors called The Burlesque Collection. I always have a hard time not purchasing the whole collection but this time I kept myself under control and bought two of the four.

    The first I have to show you is Boudoir. It's described as a vampy burgundy with lots of rainbow holo. Anything berry in color gets me at first glance so I absolutely knew I would order this one. It does lean toward a raspberry rather than "vampy burgundy" as I expected but I still absolutely love it! I used Cirque's Holdfast base coat and Liquid Laminate top coat with two coats of Boudoir.

    The next is Trocadero, a true navy holo and it's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm a sucker for blues, and holos of course, and this is no exception. This is a great addition to my blue, holo collection. This is also two coats over Cirque's Holdfast base and under Liquid Laminate top coat. 

    I couldn't decide which color to wear first so I wore both! Here's a simple taped mani with both Boudoir and Trocadero. 

    Be sure to check out the Cirque site for the whole Burlesque Collection. You're sure to love it! I hope you have a great evening!