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  • EP | August | September | October 2014

    Hi there! Happy Sunday. What are you up to today? I've been relaxing a lot this weekend. I was out of town this past week on business and with a lot of people the whole time so it's been nice to have some alone time. I came home from my business trip to nail mail! So exciting! One of the packages had the three shades I have to show you today. They're the most recent Enchanted Polish monthly mystery colors. So, here we go...

    First up, August 2014. August was the most intriguing when I opened the box. In the bottle it looked like a deep navy with chrome-like tendencies toward fuscia. Once on the nail, though, it's almost all teal. In different lighting it does shift softly to navy and deep purple which was almost impossible to capture in a photo but the main color is definitely teal. I normally shy away from chrome polishes because I find the hint of brush strokes drive me crazy but this polish actually has a jelly-like formula to it so it applies like a dream and has a lot of depth to it.

    Next, we have September 2014. I personally would have swapped August and September making this one August, but that's just me. This is a true, dark pink holo. It has blue/purple holo to it which makes it unique from any others I have and keeps it interesting. The shade was my least favorite out of the box but it looks so pretty on! I think this would go well with any skin tone too.

    And last, but not least, we have October 2014. I am super picky about greens. This might sound extreme, but most dark greens actually repell me, however; greens on the olive side don't tend to cause the same reaction for me. I'm pleased to say that I really like this deep olive holo! It's perfect for fall and winter. It has a bit of a golden-brown edge to it which the first photo shows the most of but it's overall, very olive.

    In all the photos I used my trusty Seche Clear base coat and Seche Vite top coat with two coats of each polish. As usual, Enchanted Polish delivers just what we hope for. I hope November and December come quickly so that we can actually wear their corresponding shades in their months... Somehow, though, EP has us polishaholics coming back for more, no matter what. 😁

    I hope you have a great Sunday, whatever you're up to. Thanks for swinging by!