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  • Happy 1 Year Anniversay!!

    Hello! How are you today? I am doing great! I am all about birthdays and anniversaries... Days that mark something special...and today marks one year of my nail art blog! Wow, that went fast! I have been inspired over the years by many nail polish-aholics, a.k.a. nail artists and I have been privileged to paint my art with much encouragement. Thank you for your encouragement too! Thank you for all the visits you've made to my corner of the world-wide-web to see what I imagine. I am grateful for you!

    Here are just a few of my favorites over the last year. All of these have their own posts that you can find if you'd like. And there will be more to come!

    For today's manicure, I chose a detailed stamping image and added a little something over top...

    I used a couple newer polishes of mine, Concrete Jungle for the base and Bette for the bright blue dots. I like how neutral this manicure is. I wear a lot of black and gray and blue (even though red is my favorite color) so this goes with a lot. It's probably why I was drawn to this combo in the first place. ☺️ 

    Thank you again for stopping by! Here's to the last year and more ahead! 🎉Welcome December and I hope you have a wonderful day!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Cirque - Concrete Jungle

    Essie - No Place Like Chrome

    Picture Polish - Bette

    Bundle Monster Plate - 404

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat