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  • Cirque|Au

    Hey there! Sorry I've been such a stranger lately... I've posted plenty on Instagram, just haven't had as much time to post here. I plan on improving that over the holiday season, though. 

    A little while back I was tagged on Instagram to answer a little questionnaire about my nail polish story. One of the questions was something along the lines of, "what's your biggest polish regret?" Well, mine was not purchasing the incredible Cirque Colors polish called "Au". It's a 23k gold flake top coat and was created last year and then retired. 😕 Well...upon the announcement of Cirque's 2015 Holiday Collection, Au was brought back for it!! I purchased all four polishes in the collection but was most excited about Au. So, I present to you, Au.✨

    What do you think!?! I just LOVE this!! I was curious how it would apply and it's really great! In some places I "blobbed" it on a bit but for the most part, it was perfect! I had to use another Cirque color for the base, NYFW, the first release of The Metropolis Collection and I love this combination!

    If you're interested, head over to Cirque Colors and pick up this gem! I'm sure it's only available again for a limited time. 

    Thanks for swinging by! I hope you're having a great November and I'll see you soon!!