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  • Cirque | Vice 2016

    Hi there, how are you? I'm doing quite well today. The last couple months have been extra challenging but I've made it through 🙌🏼 and am actually off work all this week! I needed a break and my last day off was at Christmas so it was time.

    I don't have a lot planned this week, on purpose, but you know I'm definitely making time for nail polish! I've been really good avoiding temptation to buy more polish lately until a couple summer collections launched. In the past, I would have just added every bottle in the collection to my cart but I'm still trying to be somewhat good so I chose three neon creams, out of five, from The Vice Collection 2016 by Cirque Colors.

    Here are my swatches! I really love the three colors I chose!

    Rehab - A vibrant periwinkle, blue cream.

    Sin City - An intense, glowing coral cream.

    High Roller - A neon mint green cream.

    The other two colors that are part of the collection is a yellow (Electric Daisy) and a pink (Plastik) which are pictured below (photo from CirqueColors.com).

    Also available is Cirque's holo top coat called We Trippy, pictured below over the creams (photo from CirqueColors.com). This was a limited edition last year when I purchased it and I love it! It's limited again this year so don't miss out if you're a holo lover like myself!

    The Vice Collection is available now on Cirque and through various other stockists. Enjoy!