• Cirque | Vice 2016

    Hi there, how are you? I'm doing quite well today. The last couple months have been extra challenging but I've made it through 🙌🏼 and am actually off work all this week! I needed a break and my last day off was at Christmas so it was time.

    I don't have a lot planned this week, on purpose, but you know I'm definitely making time for nail polish! I've been really good avoiding temptation to buy more polish lately until a couple summer collections launched. In the past, I would have just added every bottle in the collection to my cart but I'm still trying to be somewhat good so I chose three neon creams, out of five, from The Vice Collection 2016 by Cirque Colors.

    Here are my swatches! I really love the three colors I chose!

    Rehab - A vibrant periwinkle, blue cream.

    Sin City - An intense, glowing coral cream.

    High Roller - A neon mint green cream.

    The other two colors that are part of the collection is a yellow (Electric Daisy) and a pink (Plastik) which are pictured below (photo from CirqueColors.com).

    Also available is Cirque's holo top coat called We Trippy, pictured below over the creams (photo from CirqueColors.com). This was a limited edition last year when I purchased it and I love it! It's limited again this year so don't miss out if you're a holo lover like myself!

    The Vice Collection is available now on Cirque and through various other stockists. Enjoy!

  • The Trouble With Valentines

    Happy Friday my friends!! How was your week? I'm so glad it's the weekend. I loooove sleeping in so that's pretty much what I look forward to the most about the weekend. This week was a fun nail mail week! One of the deliveries was the sweet limited edition collection called The Trouble With Valentines. It's a collaboration trio between three indi polish brands, Serum No. 5, Lacquer Lust and Cirque Colors. Everything is wonderful about this collection, starting with the packaging!

    First up, "Singles Awareness Day" by Serum No. 5. A deep berry holo that glows in the dark! Sadly I couldn't get it to glow...😕 But I'll keep trying! This is two coats plus my trusty Seche Vite top coat. Great application of this polish. It's my first polish from Serum No. 5 and it's very user-friendly. 

    Next is "Unloved Unicorn" from Lacquer Lust. This indie polish brand has mastered the creation of unicorns! It all started with a polish called Unicorn Porn and each season now reveals a new unicorn. This combo of glitters in the unicorn silver holo base has red, fuchsia and black hex glitters spread throughout. This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

    Last but definitely not least...drumroll please... is "Karma Sutra" from my favorite polish creator, Cirque Colors. If you remember Cirque's Holiday 2015 collection, it included two polishes with silver flakes. One called Reflektor which was completely silver and the other, Halcyon was a rose gold version. This polish is a deep, red-wine-leaning-pink version and is the polish of the collection that I just had to have! It's my favorite, applies like butter 😋 and is soooo gorgeous; these pics don't do it justice. This is two coats over Cirque's Holdfast Base Coat and Seche Vite top coat.

    So this is The Trouble With Valentines... What do you think?!? It's such a fun collection and even though the three polishes were created for the Valentine season they're wearable year-round, if you ask me. 

    Thanks for swinging by and I hope you enjoyed my showing off this collection. Happy weekend to you and see you soon!

  • Silver Poinsettias

    Hello there...how are you this evening? I'm doing pretty well. I've decorated my house for my first Christmas in it, which I love! Here's my tree! 🎄

    And of course I still make time for nail art! Here's one I'm very happy with! I'm excited about how the detail came out so clear. I'm not entirely sure if this image was meant to be a specific flower but it looks a lot like little poinsettias to me. 

    I enjoy Christmas manis and I tend to try and create some that aren't so obviously festive. A little covert, perhaps... What do you think? Does this pass as a version of a holiday mani?

    Thank you for stopping by! Blessings to you...


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    A England - Heathcliff

    A England - Let Me In

    Essie - No Place Like Chrome

    Bundle Monster Plate - 201

  • Cirque|Au

    Hey there! Sorry I've been such a stranger lately... I've posted plenty on Instagram, just haven't had as much time to post here. I plan on improving that over the holiday season, though. 

    A little while back I was tagged on Instagram to answer a little questionnaire about my nail polish story. One of the questions was something along the lines of, "what's your biggest polish regret?" Well, mine was not purchasing the incredible Cirque Colors polish called "Au". It's a 23k gold flake top coat and was created last year and then retired. 😕 Well...upon the announcement of Cirque's 2015 Holiday Collection, Au was brought back for it!! I purchased all four polishes in the collection but was most excited about Au. So, I present to you, Au.✨

    What do you think!?! I just LOVE this!! I was curious how it would apply and it's really great! In some places I "blobbed" it on a bit but for the most part, it was perfect! I had to use another Cirque color for the base, NYFW, the first release of The Metropolis Collection and I love this combination!

    If you're interested, head over to Cirque Colors and pick up this gem! I'm sure it's only available again for a limited time. 

    Thanks for swinging by! I hope you're having a great November and I'll see you soon!!

  • Cirque|Pacifica

    Hello there, how are you today? I'm well. I took a long weekend from work so I've been working on my house and trying to relax also. I've been spending time with my new buddy, too! A pup! I used to have dogs but renting a place the last five years didn't allow me to have one so I knew that would be a priority once I bought my home. Meet Mr. Darcy! The Shiba Inu! He's wonderful!

    So, on to nail polish! You know Cirque is one of my all-time favorite polish brands and I can barely stand not buying every shade of every collection! Cirque has collaborated with Nordstrom a few times now for special limited edition collections. This collection called Pacifica, a pop-in with Warby Parker, had me instantly! All the colors are just perfect!

    (photo cred: Cirque Colors, Instagram)

    I wanted all five but I decided on four. All but the glitter... Yes, it's gorgeous...I'm just trying to have a little self-control when buying polish these days. 😉

    This one is Big Sur. It's not as bright in person but in the best way! There is subtle pink shimmer that my picture couldn't capture but it's there and really makes this blue stand out.

    Next up is Greenwich. This shade of the bunch surprised me the most. I just love it! It's a very pale blue with gold shimmer but it leans toward the minty side too. I can see this color even in the winter. It just has that special something! 

    Fear and Loathing in New York is next and I assumed it would be my favorite of the four...and it is! I love, love this concrete gray holo! It has pink holo in it in the sun that just makes me smile! I could wear this every day and love it every minute!

    And last but not least, my second favorite of the four, is City Lights. This is a super soft gray, almost white, holo! It's very classy and has just the right amount of holo to keep you staring at it.

    So there you have it! Here's a pic from Cirque Colors' Instagram of the fifth shade that I didn't purchase, Iconoclast. It really does look gorgeous!

    This amazing collection is available online  at Nordstrom through September 6th. Free shipping too as always with Nordstrom so if you see any you like...want...need, don't delay!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. See you soon!