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  • EP | Faux Beau

    Hello, hello!! How are you? How is your summer going? I've been sitting on my porch enjoying being outside as much as I can before the season starts changing.

    It's been quite some time since I've bought Enchanted Polish but this one caught my eye! I actually missed it the first time it was released... Then I was "trying to be good" and consciously passed it up on the second restock. And finally, I came to my senses last week and picked it up during the final restock! I'm sooooooo happy I did! This fabulous polish is a perfect minty green holo with ultra fine turquoise glitters packed throughout. Here are some pics, starting with a macro bottle shot!

    Enchanted Polish, Faux Beau

    Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful evening!πŸ’š

  • Midwinter's Night

    Hello! How are you today? I've missed having the time to post more often lately. I'm hoping to get back in the swing now, though. I hope all your holidays were joyful and restful and that your new year has started off well! Mine so far is good.

    Saturday morning I woke up to a perfect blanket of snow over everything! You know the kind where the whole blanket is made up of perfect flakes and it all sparkles! I was inspired to paint a midwinter's night mani. 

    I loooove how this mani turned out! It shimmers and sparkles all over the place! β„οΈβœ¨ I mostly think to paint snowflake manis in December but there are still many snowflakes in January too. 

    I hope you have a wonderful day! See you soon...


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - Kids

    Enchanted Polish - Rainbow Juice (With Pulp)

    Essie - No Place Like Chrome

    Bundle Monster Plate - H02

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • Stained Glass

    Hi there, how are you today? I've had an interesting week with its ups and downs but I have tomorrow off for Good Friday so I'm relaxing this evening and looking forward to a long weekend.

    I have a reverse stamped mani to show you today. I think this is the most time I've ever spent on a manicure but it was well worth it! I think it's also the longest I've worn a mani in quite some time. Normally I can't wait to paint my next idea but I've had to wear this one as long as I could.

    Here is my stained glass mani with Enchanted Polish cubed!

    What do you think? I'm so excited about how this turned out and it makes me want to paint more reverse stamped manis. I'll need to ponder my next idea.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening! See you soon...


    Enchanted Polish - April 2014

    Enchanted Polish - June 2014

    Enchanted Polish - December 2014

    Kinad - Black

    Bundle Monster Plate - 605

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • Stenciled Roses

    Hey there! How are you? It's Friday again already...these last two weeks have flown by. I hope you had a great New Years celebration. My boyfriend and I went to one of our favorite places for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening at his place to watch the ball drop on TV. It was so nice and relaxing.

    I have an unexpected mani to show you today. I don't normally go for the overly floral designs but there was something about this design that really drew me to it. It's a little more on the less obvious side so I decided to use the image over a gorgeous holo from Enchanted Polish.

    I used the smallest point from the several dotting tools I have to fill in a few of the roses. I used another Enchanted Polish shade for the roses and I'm so excited about how this turned out. I just can't get over holo polishes...they're so fabulous!

    I hope you have a good evening. Thanks for always stopping by. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my miniature art with you.


    Enchanted Polish - Holiday 2014

    Enchanted Polish - February 2014

    Konad - Black

    Bundle Monster Plate - 618

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • EP | November, December and Holiday 2014

    I'm so excited to show you the last of the 2014 Enchanted Polishes today! November 2014 and December 2014 were mystery colors but Holiday 2014 was revealed, yet I still had three surprises when I received my nail mail yesterday! All swatches are shown with two coats plus Seche Vite top coat.

    I'll first show you November 2014. It's a deep grape holo and almost a one-coater. I absolutely love this one and definitely a surprise for the chosen shade to be for November but I think it's just right!

    Next up is December 2014! I happen to be a bit partial to all things December because I'm a December baby (I'll be 34 on Tuesday). This is such a fun color for this month. It's a bright blue zircon holo with some foil affect to it too. I just love it and it's my favorite of the three.

    And last, but not least, is Holiday 2014. As I mentioned, this color wasn't a mystery when ordering it but I was a bit hesitant.  It's the third green this year from Enchanted Polish which I'm not normally a fan of, but somehow this one was the most surprising because I really like it!

    So what do you think? Which is your favorite of the three? Enchanted Polish is somewhat difficult to get ahold of because you just get an email every couple months with a date and time of a shopping window. Most polishes are mystery colors too so sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Somehow, though, this method of marketing is super addicting! I figure I'll keep participating because the possibility of missing an extremely amazing color is worse than having colors I may not wear very often. Oh for the love of polish! πŸ˜‰

    I hope you have a lovely afternoon!

  • Enchanted Picture Polish

    Happy Saturday everyone! What are your weekend plans? I will of course paint my nails at least twice, but I also need to clean my place and run some errands... At least there's always nail polish! I have a simple combo to show you today between Picture Polish and Enchanted Polish.

    I am really excited about how this turned out! The dusting of Enchanted Polish's blue glitter over the deep berry scatter holo gives it this glowing effect! I also used a few of the glitters, individually with a toothpick, to accent the stamped design so hopefully you can see those details. I hope you like this mani! And I hope you have a great day!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Picture Polish - Monroe

    Enchanted Polish - To Die For

    Essie - No Place Like Chrome

    Bundle Monster Plate - 011

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • EP | August | September | October 2014

    Hi there! Happy Sunday. What are you up to today? I've been relaxing a lot this weekend. I was out of town this past week on business and with a lot of people the whole time so it's been nice to have some alone time. I came home from my business trip to nail mail! So exciting! One of the packages had the three shades I have to show you today. They're the most recent Enchanted Polish monthly mystery colors. So, here we go...

    First up, August 2014. August was the most intriguing when I opened the box. In the bottle it looked like a deep navy with chrome-like tendencies toward fuscia. Once on the nail, though, it's almost all teal. In different lighting it does shift softly to navy and deep purple which was almost impossible to capture in a photo but the main color is definitely teal. I normally shy away from chrome polishes because I find the hint of brush strokes drive me crazy but this polish actually has a jelly-like formula to it so it applies like a dream and has a lot of depth to it.

    Next, we have September 2014. I personally would have swapped August and September making this one August, but that's just me. This is a true, dark pink holo. It has blue/purple holo to it which makes it unique from any others I have and keeps it interesting. The shade was my least favorite out of the box but it looks so pretty on! I think this would go well with any skin tone too.

    And last, but not least, we have October 2014. I am super picky about greens. This might sound extreme, but most dark greens actually repell me, however; greens on the olive side don't tend to cause the same reaction for me. I'm pleased to say that I really like this deep olive holo! It's perfect for fall and winter. It has a bit of a golden-brown edge to it which the first photo shows the most of but it's overall, very olive.

    In all the photos I used my trusty Seche Clear base coat and Seche Vite top coat with two coats of each polish. As usual, Enchanted Polish delivers just what we hope for. I hope November and December come quickly so that we can actually wear their corresponding shades in their months... Somehow, though, EP has us polishaholics coming back for more, no matter what. 😁

    I hope you have a great Sunday, whatever you're up to. Thanks for swinging by!

  • Blended Enchanted Polish

    Hey there! How are you today? I hope you're doing well. It's a blustery day in Colorado Springs. It's been a beautiful fall so far though. I just love the dim lighting and the leaves changing colors... Here's a mani that you could say was inspired a bit by the season. I used three Enchanted Polish colors blended together. I just love all things holo!

    I ended up thinking the blended look needed a little something else so I decided to stamp over it. I chose a stamping image that was quite delicate so that all the colors would still show through. This image is just right and I'm excited about the outcome of this mani! I hope you like it too! 

    Thank you for stopping by today! Have a wonderful afternoon.


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - July 2014

    Enchanted Polish - May 2014

    Enchanted Polish - March 2014

    Konad - Black

    Bundle Monster Plate - 509

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • Enchanted Polish | Vampires Suck

    Happy Saturday everyone! I've not felt well this week so I apologize for the lack of posting. I purchased two Enchanted Polishes a couple weeks back and I have one of them to show you today. I searched online for all the swatches of this color before ordering and I thought it was more on the red side but it turns out to be very brown. I probably wouldn't have ordered it had I known, but I'm kinda glad I did because it got me out of my norm and it is really pretty. Here is Vampires Suck.

    I added a stamping image from Bundle Monster's new Sunkissed Collection and it really turned out fun. Again, it's definitely out of my norm but it's good to get out of the box every now and then. :)

    I hope you are having a lovely day, and I hope to see you soon! I have new Cirque colors arriving today so I'll be posting those as soon as I can. πŸ‘


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - Vampires Suck

    Essie - No Place Like Chrome

    Bundle Monster Plate - 509

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • MoYou Rainbow Contest Part I

    Hello, hello! How are you? I've been a bit absent lately...sorry about that. I've had more long days at work but I decided to participate in MoYou London's Rainbow Contest on Instagram. Each day has a differnt color for the theme and a MoYou London stamping plate must be used. Here's part one of my posts. It's been a fun challenge for sure!

    Monday: Red

    I used Picture Polish's Scarlett and stamped with Sally Hansen's Rapid Dry Grease Lightening. This is an image from MoYou London's Explorer 03 plate.

    Tuesday: Orange

    I chose Enchanted Polish's May 2014 for the base, Konad White for stamping, China Glaze Papaya Punch for the dots and the MoYou Sailor 03 plate for the image.

    Wednesday: Yellow

    I wasn't so sure about the yellow day so I chose to layer A England's Morgan Le Fay over Julep's Catrina for a softer look. I used Konad White again to stamp an image from the Pro 07 stamping plate.

    Thursday: Green

    I've collected a few green polishes over the past several months which is good because Enchanted Polish's March 2014 and A England's St. George are perfect together! I used an image from the Sailor 03 plate for this one.

    I hope you like my manis inspired by the colors of the rainbow! I'll post part two this weekend! Two of my favorite colors, blue and purple, are up next! Which color is your favorite?

    Have a great evening and I hope to see you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Blues...

    Hey there Saturday dwellers! It's always a great thing to get to the weekend. :) Here's a mani that just kind of came to be... I started with my base coat of Enchanted Polish's April 2014 and the little nail studs but knew it needed something more so I just started taping. I really do love using tape.

    It's interesting how I refer to the Enchanted Polish as a pale lilac or lavender but paired with Midnite Meteor it compliments the blue and leans that direction in its hue. I love these polishes together! 

    I hope you have a great day!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - April 2014

    Picture Polish - Midnite Meteor

    Bundle Monster - Nail Studs

    Nail Art Tape

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • Enchanted March & April

    Hey there! How are you today? I have two new polishes to show you so get ready for lots of pics! These Enchanted Polishes are difficult to come by so these two are only my second and third bottles. This whole calendar year they're releasing a mystery bottle each month that you can pre-order in only a 30 minute timeframe. They released March and April the same day and they just arrived. Let's take a look!

    I wasn't surprised to see that March 2014 turned out to be green but I was surprised at how much I love it! I'm rarely drawn to green but almost anything that's a holo polish will win me over and this one certainly did. I used two coats then stamped a fun new Pueen image over it for kicks. I can't describe how beautiful this shade is. It complete dazzles!

    While March 2014's mystery color didn't surprise me, April 2014 did. It's a pleasant surprise to be sure. This is a muted periwinkle cream with just the right amount of holo magic in it. It applies thicker in formula than March 2014 because of its cream base but still a lovely two-coater and just fantastic! I also stamped a new Pueen image over it. Wonderful!

    I hope you like these two manis. I of course plan on ordering all of the 2014 mystery polishes (though I'm super disappointed because I missed January😞) so stay tuned for more enchantment!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - March 2014

    Pueen Stamping Plate - 50

    Enchanted Polish - April 2014

    Pueen Stamping Plate - 51

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat

  • Enchanted

    Hello and happy Thursday to you! How has your week been? I have an amazing polish to show you today. It's my first Enchanted Polish! I've drooled over swatches of Enchanted Polish on my favorite blogs since the beginning but it's been near impossible to get my hands on it. Seems like it's out of stock everywhere, all the time. Well, I was able to order the mystery February 2014 polish and it just arrived so here it is!

    The February 2014 is a rich, berry holo that is just flawless. It has a perfect formula and in the sun, it takes your breath away. I added art to it since it's super tough for me to wear a polish by itself so I decided to add my favorites: A England and Cirque!

    I hope you have a great Friday and hope to see you soon!


    Seche Clear - Base Coat

    Enchanted Polish - February 2014

    A England - Fonteyn 

    Cirque - XX

    Bundle Monster Plate - 201

    Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat