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  • Bundle Monster Poli-Peel

    Hello there! I love Saturdays! I just joined the club of peel off nail products that minimizes clean up after nail art. The first I saw is called Liquid Palisade. A few other companies have similar products and I decided to purchase Bundle Monster's version. I didn't buy any for a long time because I just don't mind the clean up after hombre or stamping or watermarble...but all of a sudden I just thought, why not?

    I decided on an hombre stamped mani to utilize the Latex Poli-Peel Cuticle Skin Protector to the max. Here's my mani-cave work station during the process! 😋

    The Poli-Peel is designed to paint on around your nail so that after all the fun art you can just peel away the mess leaving your fingers clean. I found it very simple to apply but some may find it takes a bit more precision than the tutorials might make it look. 

    I was pretty excited to see how little I would need to use polish remover on the excess paint from the hombre process!

    This image wouldn't have been too bad to clean up after stamping but I can think of plenty where the Poli-Peel-Peel would be sooooo great!

    I was a bit surprised in the end, though when I peeled off the latex. The polish didn't really stick to it so for the most part, the latex peeled off out from under the polish... For my right hand as I peeled I grabbed the latex with tweezers closer to the fingernail which worked better but again, some of the videos make this process look flawless...when my first experience was not.


    So here's the finished mani! I loooove how the subtle hombre and delicate image work together! I used three muted colors so the black image would stand out. I used another image from the newest Bundle Monster Festval Collection. I'm so excited about the limitless possibilities this collection's images offer! There will be more Festival manis to come!

    In the end for my first mani with Poli-Peel I had a lot more clean up than I expected. I did learn some things about it though. Next time if I use more than one technique I plan on using the poli-peel twice; once per technique. It was just a lot to clean up all at once.

    So, what do you think? Have you used a latex peel off product? I am super tempted to purchase a couple other versions to see how they compare. I'll let you know if I do.

    I hope you have a great evening and a wonderful Palm Sunday! See you soon!


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